In the 308 CC, the driver has modern technologies and equipment to aid in driving, in particular the electrically retractable navigation screen, the aid to the front and rear parking, among others WIP Nav: navigation system perfectly integrated into the vehicle in terms of style and ergonomics (steering wheel controls), offers numerous features such as wide seven-inch color (480 x 234 pixels) wide screen, tiltable in three positions, in order to provide the best viewing angle to the driver with birdview mode. To preserve perfect integration with the dashboard lines, the equipment is electrically retractable Digital sound processing and Hi-Fi sound system: to provide high-fidelity sound, the 308 CC comes equipped with JBL’s Hi-Fi pack, consisting of a 500 W amplifier and ten speakers (four woofers and four front and rear tweeters), plus a front-panel speaker enhancing sound distribution within the vehicle, and a 150W subwoofer in the trunk; the system also adjusts the volume of the sound in the cabriolet configuration as a function of vehicle speed; The system consists of four sensors mounted on the bumper that detect any obstacle around the vehicle. The system sends an alert in the form of a beep, which increases its frequency with the proximity of the obstacle. This movement is accompanied by a graph on the navigation screen.The beep is emitted from the front and rear speakers in crescent up to 25 cm. From this point, with the possible shock, the sound is intermittent and the word “DANGER” appears on the navigation screen· Variable speed limiter associated with speed regulator: The device offers the driver the possibility of not exceeding a pre-established speed, operating from 30 km / h. The speed regulator also allows the driver to rotate at a steady speed from 40 km / h without the accelerator pedal, with at least the fourth gear in the manual transmission or the D position in the automatic transmission;

 Various functions are also available, such as folding and automatic opening of mirrors, automatic headlights, automatic windshield wiper with rain sensor indexed at vehicle speed, internal electrochromic rear view mirror, ten speakers and radio with CD Player and MP3 player coupled to the USB Box with the Bluetooth functions and handsfreIGH-LEVEL SAFETYhe 308-derived structure, as well as the specific retaining elements of this silhouette, ensure an excellent level of passive safety and protect the occupants in the event of a frontal, side or rollover collision, which means that the 308 CC has an exceptional level of protection in the event of an actual accident. n the “adult occupant protection test”, EuroNCAP awarded the model five stars with an exceptional result: 36 points out of 37 possiblhe structure resumes the front block with three-way hatchback effort, with adaptations at the level of the upper track that attaches to the specifically reinforced front column. The stringersadapted resists stresses of 12 tons and the resized doors are inspired by those of the 308 three-door in terms of robustness to crushing, offering a resistance of 6.5 tons. In summary, the 308 CC has received the necessary structural adaptations in order to keep it as rigid as possible, even in the cabriolet configuration.The front column contributes simultaneously to the rigidity of the vehicle and to the protection in case of rollover. The upper part of it is composed of two connected shells, of evolutionary thicknesses, allowing to obtain a better stiffness / weight ratio than those of the 307 CC. Its resistance to crushing results from the “fall of the vehicle” test simulating a severe overturn.n the other hand, the 308 CC is equipped with lower seats than the hatchback and with a driving position, which is an additional advantage in the event of a collision. The 308 CC has front airbags of 60 liters for the driver and 90 liters for the passenger, side airbags chest / 12 liters basin and a head airbag of 9 liters for the front passengers, housed directly on the seat and that is drawn laterally from the head restraint.  therefore the only coupe cabriolet silhouette in the world that has side airbags housed in the seat – head, chest and basin –

thus ensuring effective opening and effective protection of all vital parts of the body, independently the position of the seat at the time of impact line with its proposal, the two rear seats are equipped with safety belts with effort limiter and non-buckled belt alert. A specific display shows the state of the four seat belts.The two rear seats are equipped with Isofix child seat anchorages, with even more practical inserts, while a child safety locking the rear windows from a command installed on the driver’s door. This set made it possible for the 308 to obtain 3 stars in the test of protection of children occupants of the vehicle, placing the 308 CC in the podium of the category.In the event of a rollover, the 308 CC is equipped with retractable arches in aluminum profile, “hidden” in the rear headrests. Its pyrotechnic aperture is effected in the case of the detection of a risk situation, taking into account the speed of the vehicle and a determined angle by means of an algorithm. From the moment the aperture is determined, the extraction of the arcs takes place in less than 20 milliseconds (less than a blink of an eye)here are also other aspects that demonstrate the safety of the vehicle:


Automatic closing by remote control of some spaces for storage of objects (glove compartment, zone under the central armrest) when the vehicle doors are locked Central locking of doors and selectivity in the unlocking of doors; Audible warning to ignore the key when the door is opened.308 CC: ENCOUNTER WITH PLEASURE OF DRIVIThe 308 CC comes equipped with THP (Turbo High Pressure) engine, an extremely modern and technological driving set. Developed in cooperation with BMW, the engine is manufactured in aluminum block and 16-valve composite head with variable intake control and rotors. The propellant is powered by a direct gasoline injection system that develops 165 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. With maximum torque of 24.5 kgfm available at 1,400 rpm, it provides the driver with strength and safety in overtaking and speed recovery. SEQUENTIAL AUTOMATIC EXCHANGE OF SIX MARCHECoupled with this motorization is the six-speed automatic sequential box. Always working with the best engine speed, it allows a quick and smooth gearshift, contributing in large part to the driving pleasure provided by the 308 CCWith pilot-operated torque converter, an internal clutch connects the motor between the motor and the housing, generating the “motor brake” effect. Thus, the driver has the same feeling as a car equipped with manual gearbox: when the foot is removed from the accelerator pedal, the vehicle “brakes” the engine. In this way, there is greater braking and fuel economy, since the injection, in this condition, does not throw even a drop of gasoline to be burned.


The dynamic behavior of the 308 CC was determined with the aim of providing driving pleasure and active safety with a good level of comfort.Structurally, the 308 CC benefits from the architecture of the suspensions chosen for the 308, from its wide gauges, from Peugeot’s cabriolet coupe experience and also from adapting this knowledge to this transformable silhouette, which is particularly well treated in terms of rigidity to the torsion, a determining element to obtain a good behavior in road. The rigid structure of the 308 CC, combined with efficient retention means (six airbags) exemplary protection of the model, which is equipped with ABS (Bosch 8.1), electronic braking (REF) and emergency braking aid (AFU). The automatic flashing will alert in the event of a strong deceleration complete this device. The state-of-the-art ESP (Electronic Stability Program) detects and corrects the risk of loss of grip in situations such as sharp turns, steep turns and slippery floors, acting on the brakes and throttle. The equipment adds to these functions an anti-skid (ASR) and stability control (CDS) system. It can be disconnected, to ensure a certain mobility in delicate situations, automatically reconnecting above 50 km / h.14 – PEUGEOT 308 QUIKSILVEGEOT of Brazil launches a new limited series in partnership with the well-known surfwear brand Quiksilver: the 308 Quiksilver. The model reaches the Brazilian market very competitive and has among its strengths the sportiness, comfort and exclusivity. The special series will only have 600 units, so its exclusivity, and reaches the network of dealerships of the brand in the amount of R $ 63,190.00. new PEUGEOT 308 Quiksilver comes equipped with a flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, rear-view mirrors in black, and Quiksilver branded custom logo on doors, benches and rugs. The version is offered only in White Banquise, special paint already included in the public price suggested by PEUGEOTle items lend even more sport to the modele new version of the 308 line adds a package of items that reinforces its expressive design and sporting character:

– Panoramic ceiling;
– DRL led;
– Headlights with black mask;
– 17-inch wheels;
– Rear view mirrors in black color;

QUIKSILVER Personalization with logo on doors, benches and rugs;
– Air conditioning digital bizone;
– Leather steering wheel with flat base;

– Offered only in White Banquisecolor, special paint already included in the suggested public price.

The sport has as its main pillar the Quiksilver customization, associated with the 17 “wheels, the black mask lights and the daytime headlights in led. While the bizoneautomatic air-conditioning and the panoramic glass roof guarantee a high level of comfort to the occupants. The PEUGEOT 308 Quiksilver comes equipped with a 1.6-liter 122 hp engine with FlexStart technology, which does not require the use of the kit. The dual front airbag and ABS brakes complement the PEUGEOT 308 Quiksilver’s safety equipment list. Quiksilver- Considered one of the most important surfwear brands in the world, Quiksilver was born in the 70’s in the city of Torquay, Victoria, South Australia. Surfers Alan Green and John Law glimpsed the promising future of a market that was starting to grow and created comfortable, laid-back clothing for young audiences. Present in many countries, Quiksilver has become synonymous with a brand identified with lovers of action sports like surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. The partnership between the two brands has been a long-standing one: in 2002 Peugeot launched Quiksilver versions of the 106, 206 and Partner models for the European market. In the same year, the series Quiksilver was incorporated to the 206 national in commemoration of the first anniversary of the 206 1.0 Brazilian produced in Porto Real (RJ), marking the beginning of the production of the version with 1.6 engine. Due to the success achieved in these joint actions, in 2010 the brand extended the special character of the series to line 207, launching the Peugeot 207 Quiksilver. Initially limited to 1,500 units, the successful version was expanded and had another thousand copies produced in the same year.


The successful partnership with Quiksilver, which began in 2002, has extended its limits and now reaches PEUGEOT 308. In order to bring the young audience even closer, the special series features a more sporty external style and an expanded equipment offering in relation to the range input version. Initially planned for 600 units, the 308 Quiksilver will reach the brand’s dealer network until the end of the year only in white (special).The special series features black mask headlights, base and exterior rearview mirror cover in black and 17-inch alloy wheels darkened. The roof has a glossy black envelope that ensures an “extended” effect of the panoramic glass roof to the junction with the trunk lid. Finally, the front doors and the trunk lid have the monogram of the special series. side, the steering wheel receives leather as aluminum detailing and the front seat backrest, Quiksilver’s monogram embroidered on the fabric. The carpets have the same visual identification of the surfwear brand. The 308 Quiksilver still offers occupants the convenience of the Bi-zone digital air conditioner with diffuser for the rear passengers.

May 6, 2019

Consider Restoring A Vintage Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge Or Desoto



More and more vintage Chrysler cars and trucks are being rescued from fields, woods, junkyards and the crusher than ever before. From the beginning (1924), Walter Chrysler set out to build a superior automobile and in keeping with that idea throughout his tenure as the supreme leader of the company that bore his name, he was sure to include things that were uncommon for cars and trucks in the low and mid-price field. One such aspect was four-wheel hydraulic brake systems in every car and truck they built, while the competitors were still using mechanical brakes which required frequent adjustments and were unreliable in terms of uniform braking of each wheel. While the more luxurious and expensive cars of the day (Duisenberg, Packard, Cord, etc.) used hydraulic brakes all around, GM and Ford did not change over until the middle to late thirties respectively. Shifting back to the 1930’s we find that with the end of the 1934 model production run, Chrysler had built the last “Chrysler” badged automobile to use wood as a structural component as the 1935 model PJ introduced the era of the all steel bodied low price car. This type of construction was unusual for most cars at that time but unheard of in a car that sold for a mere $510 FOB. Ford and GM continued to use wood for several more years.


Finally, the 1935 model introduced the most advanced flathead six cylinder in the industry and Chrysler used this engine with relatively few modifications until it was replaced by the slant six engine in 1960.Rated at 82 HP it placed fit neatly between the Chevrolet six at 80 HP and the (large) Ford flathead V8 at 85 HP. Additionally, this new engine known as the ‘L – Head’ Six had the most advanced cooling system of any engine built at that time. Using a water distribution tube that ran the length of the camshaft and extending the water jacket to the bottom of the connecting rods produced a cooling process that kept the block uniformly cooled – front to rear and top to bottom. As we all know, the cooler the engine runs the less friction is produced resulting in better fuel economy and oil consumption. The engines are factory balanced and valves are located within the block and are perfectly uncomplicated requiring little or no maintenance. All Chrysler engines were mounted on what Chrysler had dubbed “Floating Power” (introduced several years earlier) that is, mounting the engine on blocks of rubber instead of directly to the frame thus removing engine vibration that would ordinarily be transferred to the body through the frame. Additionally, the positioning of these motor mounts gave the engine perfect weight balance which further reduced harshness and vibration. This engine was used continually in regular production (with very minor changes) from 1935 – 1959 but carried over for nearly another two decades in commercial use. NOS parts are easy to locate making this one of the most economical engines to rebuild and operate.



Having owned many MoPars (from 1935 – 1951) with this venerable six-cylinder engine I can attest to achieving between 18 and 22.5 MPG depending upon the conditions and the final drive ratio. They are so reliable that I purchased a 1951 Plymouth on e-bay, brought it home, tuned it up, replaced the battery hoses and tires, inspected the brakes and headed for Arizona in what turned out to be one of the hottest summers on record (2003).With the temperatures in the low 100’s every day or driving at altitudes of more than 10,000 feet through the Colorado mountain ranges, this little Plymouth performed flawlessly over more than 5,000 miles. Before the year 2001, there were precious few manufactures of sheet metal replacement parts for these cars. Today, however, the reproduction industry is responding to the needs of the restorer and street-rodder by producing the type of parts necessary to reconstruct these great old cars and trucks.The Big Boy Toys have been put away for a couple months, the holidays are behind us, its 5 degrees outside with a foot of snow on the ground and our minds in this part of the world are turning back to, and you guessed it – our cars. Last week I watched the Barrett Jackson and Mecum auctions on TV, later I went to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and visited a swap meet put Hosted by the Walter P. Chrysler car club. Coming up I’ll be visiting Autorama and the boat show. These events combined with some bench racing among friends and I’ll be able to get my car itch scratched a little until springtime finally arrives.


Auctions That Establish Car Prices


I usually find the TV auctions very entertaining, especially the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday broadcasts of Barrett Jackson where you can find more of the “regular gals and guys cars” as opposed to Saturday when most cars sell for six digits and some for seven. The Barrett Jackson TV coverage this year was frustrating to say the least, it was covered on three different networks, two of which I had. The other thing, I wish they would focus more on the cars on the block instead of some of the other features they do and the seemingly endless commercials. Every 5 minutes they break for 5 minutes of the same commercials over and over again. Mecum Auction house on the other hand has many more regular people’s cars and while not as glitzy as Barrett Jackson however the TV coverage was much stronger. You see more cars on the block and less fluff, the cars are a good quality yet are still attainable by the average collector. I like the Mecum Auctions and am looking forward to attending their May auction in Indy.


Detroit’s Grammy Awards


The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit was as large and glamorous as ever. One thing that is apparent to those of us over 50 is that the manufacturers now use this time in the spotlight to introduce their new models to us instead of the wild concept cars we use to see twenty and thirty years ago. While the new models are exciting I do miss the wild styling exercises of the concept cars that gave us clues as to what was coming in the future. The NAIAS is so large and has so many displays that I can see how difficult it is for the manufactures and models (cars, not girls) to stand out. The technology from all the manufacturers is amazing and the styling, fit and finish is better than ever. The thing that stood out for me is how the manufacturers across the board are doing such a broad array of finishes. Not like the wild colors of the Dodge’s and Plymouth’s of the late 60’s and early 70’s, a little more subtle than that. I saw cars with solid color gloss finishes, solid color flat finishes, light metal flake gloss finishes, light metal flake flat finishes, and even heavy metal flake gloss finishes rivaling those of the Bradley kit cars of the 70’s but much, much nicer! I was not a big fan of the flat finishes, that is until I visited this year’s NAIAS and saw the way they are doing them now and I can say I instantly became a fan.


Swap Meets, A Winter Time Cruise-In



In addition to doing some shopping or selling the winter, swap meets are a great opportunity to talk to people to hear about winter projects, catch up on some new trends, and run into some friends and acquaintances. I had intended to get a table and try to find new homes for my many leftover parts but the swap meet was sold out. While disappointed that I couldn’t get the garage cleaned out it was great to be able to walk around instead of being stuck at my table. The sold-out swap meet shows how strong the car hobby remains.My neighbor’s car is always gleaming. You can see yourself reflected in the paint. You never need to worry about getting dust on your clothes if you lean against it. My car, on the other hand, was a different story. My car, like my house, was not really clean. Oh, I take it for regular tune-ups and it drives like a dream but the paint was a bit chipped and there were a few small dents. The appliances in my house are well maintained but the walls could do with being repainted and the carpets are a bit threadbare underneath all the dust.


I began feeling a bit embarrassed, but, of course, not embarrassed enough to actually take the time to clean and polish my car. I went out and bought a chrysler 300 heavy duty car cover to hide the imperfections on my car. It did an excellent job and really protected my car from getting dustier and the neighborhood kids from trying to see if they could chip off more paint. (They couldn’t, it works to chip paint that’s peeling off of the sides of a house but not off of the body of a car.) Then I got to thinking. Maybe I should wash and polish my car and then use the car cover to protect a gleaming car. I couldn’t do it all at once but I discovered that cleaning it bit by bit and covering it with a car cover when I wasn’t driving it protected the car enough that the driving I did didn’t completely nullify the cleaning. Once it was nearly all washed off, I took the plunge and brought the car to get the paint touched up and the dents banged out. I then spent an entire day washing, waxing and polishing it. OK, I didn’t do it myself. I had next to no idea what I was doing. I asked my neighbor, he of the gleaming car, first to give me some tips and then for some actual physical help.


Now, my car is always gleaming. My car cover is a bit dusty but I can always whip it off when I want to show off my car. I have been thinking about getting a second car cover so I can hose off one, take it off of the car to dry and put a clean one on my clean car, but I think that’s probably taking things too far. You still can’t lean on my car or you’ll get your clothes dirty but at least it’s from the car cover and not from the car itself that stays perfectly clean. (Well, maybe not perfectly.) I still do drive it and it needs to be wiped off or sometimes even hosed off every so often, but it’s never as bad as it once was) I still don’t really know what I’m doing with my car. The mechanic takes care of the inside and the body shop takes care of the outside (when necessary) but I, at least, can take care of keeping it cleans, thanks to my car cover.

November 8, 2018